Friday, June 26, 2009

Misty Mountain Morning....

It's been a long time inbetween photo collection posts for me - it's actually been a while since I did a post of any kind!

Therefore, this morning I decided to rug up and venture out into the country cold and capture some shots of the morning mist. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my morning....

Click on the images to view larger files

by Manz
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  1. Cool photos Manz...
    Looks damn cold up there...!

  2. You have such lovely shots here.

  3. I love these photos. Loved the webs. Beautiful.

  4. i love the detail in the spiderweb pictures. its fascinating

  5. Beautiful photos, Manz !!!

    I love the spider web ones and anything with mist in it, is a favourite with me.

    My imagination runs wild and I expect to see a troop of Knights thunder out any minute ...or perhaps a band of elves gliding through the trees. :-)

    Great to see you back !! You also asked me about the first photo in the Marmot series, in last weeks CC. Yes, that was taken with my film camera was that Mellow Yellow shot that you mentioned.

    Misty mornings are very rare here, we may get 2 0r 3 a year ...if we are lucky !!


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