Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vulgar Display Of Power

Who ya gonna call when your loved one’s head begins to spin as they levitate and churn out a steaming stream of green vomit? Karras and Merrin, that’s who! At their famous House of Exorcism, dispossession by demonic forces is guaranteed – or your money back. And yes, that’s right – they do cater for group bookings.

This crazy cult film design was created by GritFX writer/designer Wadrick Jones and has been featured this week on Tuesday Teez! GritFX is always honored to have a design selected by Tuesday Teez, who feature the hottest new releases in T-Shirts on the web every Tuesday!

Blog entry by Dave – GritFX Senior Designer/Company Partner

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ursus Arctos Horribilis

The Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) can be found in Alaska, western Canada and northwestern USA from Washington to Wyoming. Eight feet tall on their hind legs and weighing up to 1,500 pounds, the Grizzly is a formidable animal to meet in the forest. So what do you do if you happen to come face to face with these majestic beasts?

Unlike smaller black bears, an adult Grizzly is too large to climb a tree successfully to escape danger. They will more often than not stand their ground. If cubs are nearby, a female Grizzly will defend them to the death and this is the most common cause of human fatality. However, a big Grizz will normally avoid contact with people.

If you’re camping, make sure you keep a clean campsite. Don’t leave food scraps lying around as this will surely attract a Grizz, and once the bear has arrived, he’ll soon realise there is nice fresh meat in the form of you inside the tent. Hanging food or scraps from trees at a height unattainable for a bear is one way of keeping your campsite safe, but the best way would be to seal scraps and food in plastic bags, and preferably inside hard, sealable containers.

If you come face to face with a mighty Grizz, it is imperative to not make eye contact. The temptation to gaze on these wonderful creatures may be strong, but the Grizz will take it as a sign of aggression. As the bear will normally go straight for the head, staring at a Grizz could mean adios cranium. Never run from a Grizz – they can run faster than you whether uphill or down, and nothing will make you soil your shorts faster than being chased by a roaring Grizzly.

So lay prone if face to face with a Grizzly. Put your face down in the dirt with your hands gripped around your neck. Spread your legs – this will make it harder for the bear to flip you over, even though leaving the testicles exposed will be a tough ask for a guy. Once the Grizzly has determined you are not a threat, it will normally take off and leave you whimpering on the forest floor.

Be responsible when in Grizzly country – make noise when travelling and remember to follow Rangers’ advice. If food is left at a campsite and a bear is enticed, it will often return to look for more. The bear can then become a threat to campers and Rangers may be forced to kill it. Remember that you are in their environment, so display respect at all times.

by Dave
(Dave is a senior designer and partner at GritFX.)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great Balls Of Stone

In the 1940’s, plantation workers clearing tropical jungle areas in Costa Rica discovered hundreds of spherical balls hidden beneath the foliage. The largest weighed almost 16 tons and was as tall as a man; the smallest was roughly the size of a tennis ball. When seen from the air, the balls were arranged in patterns – gigantic triangles, circles, squares and cosmological arrangements.

The balls were originally thought to be a product of perhaps Incan or Mayan civilisations, yet some archaeologists estimated their age at 400,000 years! Further examination revealed that the balls were almost perfectly symmetrical within a centimetre or two, and it was highly unlikely that they were the product of man. Incredible rumours began to spread regarding the ‘power’ of the balls – it was said that electronic equipment refused to function in their immediate vicinity, and that people experienced abnormal behaviour after coming into contact with them.

Found mainly in the Diquis Delta region, the balls are also found on Isla del Cano, to the west of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast. In the subsequent years since their discovery, many of the balls were looted and can be found in the streets and gardens of San Jose. Some believed that riches could be found within the stones, which lead to many being destroyed by zealous thieves. In the late 1970’s, three large balls discovered near Guadalahara were sent to the American University in New York state. The balls were cut and analysed, revealing the complicated internal structure – a coiled alloy of rare-earth metals whose chemical properties were mysterious. The scientists at American University declared that the balls were not man-made, but most likely formed by natural events.

Yet this does not explain the patterns the balls formed when first discovered. Would natural origins arrange the balls in triangles and circles and squares? It is said that there are no straight lines in nature, which lends speculation to the ‘natural’ theory. Of course, many theories have been expounded relating to the ‘Giant Balls Of Costa Rica’, the most outlandish being that they were used by giant creatures for some sort of gameplay. Similar balls have been found in other parts of the world and continue to fascinate to this day.

by Max Drake

(Max Drake is a freelance designer for GritFX. Max has an interest in all things weird and will have regular posts on this blog.)

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