Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Our 'David Cook Competition' Winner chose...

The Cookie Photo Competition winner (DIANA - WORD NERD #1420) now has her prize... what did she choose, what did she say? Read on!

DIANA - WORD NERD #1420 (pictured with her son)

Diana could choose any T-Shirt from the entire GritFX range, and was not limited to David Cook designs. But what is a self professed "Cookifed" fan to do? Choose some more David Cook products - and GritFX was more than happy to oblige.

She ended up choosing the following items and upon delivery we received this message, "got it all today. Thank you so much! LOVE IT!!!" Diana went with the "Cook Gave Music Back To The People" design for a tote bag because to quote Diana, "This one is my favorite. (Surprise!) I like it because somebody worthy finally won Idol and because DC brought music back into my life."

No problem Diana - thank YOU for joining the photo gallery to begin with.

1. A Tote Bag with "Cook Gave Music Back To The People". Penned by Cathy Wood. Note: $1 of each tote bag sale using this design will be donated to Adam.
2. 4 mini-buttons... Note: GritFX has set up these buttons specifically to raise money for Adam Cook. 100% of the GritFX mark-up price on these items will be donated.

GritFX will be running a new competition soon and will post the details to this blogspot.

Blog entry by Manz.

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  1. those are some great david cook designs, if you wanted it would be easy to put those graphics on a business card, or a postcard, with PrintsMadeEasy, they have great pricing and design options


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