Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phoenix & The Dust Devil

Wiltshire in England has long been home to some of the most amazing crop circle configurations ever seen. One way of thinking associates the formation of crop circles to electromagnetic energy – that being, waves of energy moving through the globe or along the Earth’s magnetic field, leaving patterns of its waveform on the planet’s surface. Wiltshire is considered by crop circle enthusiasts to be one such hot-spot of electromagnetic energy that exist all over the globe, leading to the frequent formations in the area. Either that, or the most skilled crop circle hoaxists happen to reside in the Wiltshire region.

A recent crop circle was discovered in a barley field in Yatesbury, depicting the mythical phoenix as it rises, reborn, from the ashes. The 400-foot design has had enthusiasts in a spin, sighting other recent formations that seemingly point toward an apocalyptic event due to occur on or around December 21, 2012 – coinciding with the end of the ancient Mayan calendar, a subject receiving much attention in recent years.

Meanwhile, in some parts of the United States, tornadoes are a way if life and during 2008, over 180 twisters ripped through the state of Kansas. Photographer Jim Reed has been capturing natural phenomena for over 15 years and the picture above appeared in this month’s issue of National Geographic. It shows what is known as a “landspout’ – a weak, short-lived and extremely photogenic tornado.

by Max Drake
(Freelance writer and artist for GritFX.)

(Sources: The Telegraph, UK; National Geographic Society)


  1. That's a beautiful shot of that dust devil...although, that might be a touch larger than what you could call a dust devil, perhaps.

    Does Jim Reed have a web site?

  2. Hey Wayne,
    Thanks for dropping by...

    Jim Reed's website:

  3. Hey Max, I love reading about this stuff. Keep up the good work. Bill

  4. Very interesting. Amazing cropart.

  5. Very interesting..Thanks for sharing. The photos are awesome! :)


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