Thursday, November 13, 2008

When you have nothing to say - let images do the talking...

It's been a very busy week for most of the GritFX team... and I can't believe that it's almost a week between posts!

Well... Wadrick chose not to work this week - that guy walks to his own beat... but will probably have more film reviews up tomorrow.

Max has been caugth up in the US election - which he chooses not to write about... even though I would consider some political pieces "weird stuff"! There's always something odd around - so I'm sure he'll be posting again soon.

As for me - not much to say other than I've been totally addicted to scanning in old images that date BDC (Before Digital Cameras) and sharing them on facebook.

This first collection "On the Road" is a selection of black & white images taken by myself and Dave on the road in NSW, Australia... Coastal + Country Roads.

Feeling displaced...

Where's Wadrick?

Abandoned train line...


Quiet country road... this is me...

Passenger seat perspective...

Lighting strikes!

Isolation is bliss...

Icy Cold!



  1. Hello Folks, these balck and white shots are really cool and I totally agree that images do a lot of talking. I think, I can also share a blog post of mine
    where I captured the colors of Black and White Photography.

  2. I like the rail road and the stream, they are great examples of photos which could be used to illustrate the principles of linear perspective.

  3. these pics are awesome! gotta love the black and white, it captures the realness

  4. Hi Manz,

    thanks again for the kind comment on my photo blog!

    Your pictures are great and they tell anything about an empty beach! I liked them in B&W, very tasteful!

    Sue's Daily Photography

  5. I kinda like the black and whites. The theme feels serene and peaceful and makes me want to road trip on a motorcycle.

    Call me crazy, but a cross country ride sounds awesome right about now.

    Great pictures, love em!


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