Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Atlantis and the Giant Serpent

Two ridiculous stories appeared on the internet last week. The first involved supposed photographic evidence of a giant serpent making its way down a river in Borneo. For some time, locals in the region of the Baleh River had dispersed stories of a shape-shifting serpent existing beneath the surface of the water. Named ‘Nabau’, it was a terrifying snake one hundred feet long, bearing a dragon’s head with seven nostrils! The photograph, supposedly taken by a disaster team monitoring flood regions, caused much panic among the local villagers.

The photograph below appeared on the Mail Online website – special mention must be paid to the individual who thought it necessary to insert a large red circle around the creature in question. Thanks for that – I doubt myself and countless others would have been able to discern the serpent without it! The photograph is obviously a fake – even someone without a background in graphics could reach that conclusion.

The second story revolved around the supposed discovery of Atlantis buried under the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of northwest Africa. Keen observers on Google Earth reported the ‘amazing’ discovery of what seemed to be an ancient grid of a city – the location of which was identified by many excited amateur and professional archaeologists as one of the possible locations of Atlantis, citing descriptions from Greek philosopher Plato amongst others. But what they failed to address was Plato’s vivid description of the mythical city, described in writings as being circular and residing beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Straits of Gibraltar).

According to legend, Atlantis was a wonder of the ancient world, carved from the rock of the land in a formation of concentric circles. The size of the city was comparable to the scale of modern-day London. Access to the different levels of the city could only be achieved by traversing a waterway that spiralled inwards to the residences of the ruling elite. This prevented any successful invasion of the city as the circular formation and high walls leading up from the river surface provided an insurmountable defence. This description is a long way from the rectangular grid depicted in the Google Earth images.

In their book, When The Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis, authors Rand and Rose Flem-Ath present a strong argument that Atlantis is in fact buried beneath the ice of Antarctica – the geographical features of lesser Antarctica being a possible match to the few descriptions of Atlantis in ancient writings. Needless to say, there was some disappointment expressed when Google Earth finally revealed that the supposed ‘grid’ of the ‘underwater city’ was merely an artefact of sonar imaging used to create the underwater maps.

by Max Drake
(Freelance writer and artist for GritFX.)


  1. Hmm...Y'see, the problem isn't the photoshopped pic, or the claims of "100ft long" or the "dragon head" - the problem is the "seven nostrils"...If you're gonna make up stuff about the nostrils, here's a free tip, pick an EVEN number.

    See I would've believed six or eight nostrils...even ten...but they showed their hand with seven.


    Another intriguing post Max.

  2. Damn right, Decoy....
    Someone commented on the original post that, given the width of the river itself, the snake's head/body would have been at least fifty feet wide....I guess we now know where all those missing fisherman on the Baleh River disappeared to - the thing ate their boats as well....swallowed 'em whole!


  3. Oh now I see it!! It's a picture of a river with a serpaint in it... I thought it was a picture of a serpent lying in the grass with a tattoo of a serpent on it... thank goodness for the big red circle!

    But how can you doubt the Giant Serpent? It's 7th nostril is right beneath it's 3rd eye. Also if it had toe nails it would have been made of candy... too bad it doesn't have toes! too bad!

  4. Classic, Louis...funny stuff...
    (and yeah, I forgot to mention the third eye...)


  5. You can make something seriously interesting out of something utterly ridiculous. Really enjoyed this.

  6. Oh, my...! It could be an snake with three poison glands?! Mia madonna! Brrr! ;-)

  7. Max,
    I really enjoyed reading this. Not only is it funny, but it is a perfect illustration of how people tend to not question technology, even the internet.

  8. I got to agree with decoy about the nostrils. 6 would have probably been the most believable because of the biblical association with man, serpents, devil, and the number 6.

  9. Shea - yeah, man...6 would have been a more appropriate number.

    Carolina - glad you liked the piece.

    Fhaye/Bell - thanks for reading, guys...

  10. Well you got me googling this. Intersting write up abount something nonsense now that is a skill.

  11. can u just send me the linkof this thing..
    its very intersetin...

  12. good debunking job. Keep these stories coming, they are awesome for a couple of reasons:
    1. What if one is true?
    2. What kind of people put a hoax together on this scale? (and what are they like)

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