Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New GritFX T-Shirts!!!

Well, it’s about time we had some new designs in our store. Below are our first batch for 2009, conceived and executed by the GritFX team consisting of myself (Manz), Dave & Max (with some input from Wadrick). Dave was his usually pedantic self when it came to approving designs, which may answer the question as to why it took so long for them to become available.

We are currently updating our online stores, so bear with us when shopping. We will soon be expanding our Zazzle range of available designs.

Hope you dig our new designs (and buy one!)…

Click on the image to load a larger version...
GritFX Cult Movie & Pop Culture Tees - NEW RELEASES


  1. I think it'd be cool if you guys did one something like Don't drink the water

  2. Wow...Great designs guys!

    I love the Nakatomi Plaza one...dig the No Shirt No Shoes No Dice, that's classic...and the little Snake Plissken is mega cute...

    good stuff...

    this'll please some 80s kids out there...


  3. Wow! Manz... I would like to create some my self! But i can't with my phone... Could i create some graphics on paper and then to picture them and to send pictures to you somehow...? I'll love it! My painting teacher always said that i'm made for graphic design! Maybe i could do something in life and I'll get out from this corrupted country...

  4. I love your blog. Manz is the shhhh... too. My favorite reader. Anyways, I posted a link to your blog on my new post just dropped this evening and wanted to let you know. Thanks for the video Manz.


  5. Here is the films I recognize.

    Die Hard- Nakatomi is the name of the building John Mclaine is in.

    Back to the Future with the sabe the clock tower flyer form the beginning of the movie.

    I want the Snake Plisken T-Shir. That is bad ass.

    The Easter Island head is from Night at the Museum.

    The No Soup shirt is from Seinfeld.

    I may be missing references in the others. Nice new collection.

  6. This is too much. I just happened to turn on Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which I have not seen in years and felt so stupid when I saw the "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice."

    I wonder how stupid I will feel when I figure out the rest of them.

  7. KBilly of course is Reservoir Dogs.

    I love Crepes is from Ricky Bobby. I feel so stupid that I had to look these up. But when I have not seen the flicks in a while some of the knowledge gets buried. Great shirts!

  8. Hey Whore...
    Thanks for the comments....you did well, man...nice work naming them all.

  9. Dum dum give me gum gum.

    Cool designs, like em. Maybe you can do a thing where people submit things in? I have a ton of ideas I'd toss at ya.

  10. Good work, this is a very nice designs, I would love to wear a shirt having one of those designs of yours.

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