Saturday, February 7, 2009

Drop and Run...

Camera Critters
"Drop and Run" is this week's "Camera Critters" post. If you want to participate, click on the image above.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been using entrecard to discover blogs that fall under my categories of interest. Coincidentally, I found Camera Critters through using ecard!

Anyway, I've come across a number of posts written by ec users, describing the drop and run user - a browser (generous title for these folk) who only drop by long enough to leave you their card, and collect their ec credit! Entrecard has a 300 drops per day maximum placed on the system; my average number of drops (when I'm actively online) is 50 per day!!

Whilst thinking about the 'drop and run' blogger, my mind went to a little friend who I snapped a couple of photos of when on a winter holiday. After going to the effort to place something out there of interest and value to my potential friend, the response was lacklustre - a quick drop and run attitude! I guess that is the only way you can bank 300 drops in one 24hr session!!

Having said that, there must be something that compelled that blogger from dropping by in the first place - an interesting ec card for example - and anything that increases our ranks in the listings is a good thing in my book. If you're an ec dropper reading this, I invite you to leave a comment.... do you drop and run like this bird did?

This was my pick for "Camera Critters"...see how my little friend kept one eye on what I was up to ;)

DROP & RUN....


  1. Welcome to Camera Critters! I hope you continue to play along.

  2. Glad you are participating! I have no idea about the "drop and run" scenario...but I like the shot of the bird!

  3. These are fantastic images. I am unfamiliar with the drop and run, but it makes sense now about some visitors. I hope your troublesome visitor has stopped with those negative comments from last week,

  4. LOL thats cute! I love your photos.
    Have a great week.

  5. I thought that was strange also. We actually live right next to a small ice factory, which ironically was shut down like everything else until power was restored here in the city.
    Last summer, I learned something about ice factories, they use a lot of amonia, somehow to make the ice, they had a leak, the fire department came, and put on these crazy suits, and respirators, and you could smell the amonia for a couple hours, takes your breath away.

  6. Loved your post, never heard of the dropthing, like the photo's!

  7. Welcome to CC!!

    love the shots especially the first one

    I've stayed away from entrecard - seems like a pain

  8. Great post! I love how you related the two experiences. I'm also thrilled to hear you found us through EC!

    Thank you SO much for joining Camera-Critters. It really means a lot to me, and I look forward to seeing more of your critter photos each week! That is... unless you are just here to 'drop and run'. hehehehehe

  9. Wowww...these were some really cute pics. I think it will be a real fun time now with your joining of CC.

    Will you be coming up with such classy shots every week? If so, I am looking forward eagerly :)

    Tk Cre!

  10. Just to answer your question on my CC-entry: they never fight. They are best friends. We have 5 cats and 3 dogs. Never a problem. It's lovely to see.
    Loved your comments, the one on the packagingthing too. Thanks!

  11. Hi everyone. It's been a long day, so I hope no one minds being thrown into the one basket...

    Thank you all for dropping by and leaving your comments. For those who don't know about the ec 'drop and run' user, there is no loss. And yes, I think ec can be a pain, it just depends on how you want to use it. Like I said, I found camera critters while using the ec directory of blogs - and that's a good thing.

    I appreciate all the welcome messages, however it may surprise some to know that this is my 5th cc post. But that's OK, it's a big network of participants, so one can be forgiven for not knowing that about me.

    I'll be sticking around. Just as long as I have something I feel is worth sharing... and how can an animal + photography lover stop taking critter shots?

    On a parting note, alot of thoughts have been with the people that have lost so much in the Victoria fires, now I'd like to take a moment here on this cc post to think about the critters. I hope that most are and will be OK.

    I can't end on a negative.... a Kangaroo stopped us on our way home last night - I do love living here :)

  12. Nice pictures for CC and I must confess I am guilty of the drop and run.I will say that I only did it a few times and not recently.I actually haven't been on e card in a while dropping that is.

  13. Nice to be here!!!

    BLOG |

  14. @ Lapa37 - THANKS for not dropping and running! I hope to see more of Stinky on your cc posts... perhaps the name is the reason for being camera shy ;)

    @ Joreel - Nice to see you here :)

  15. I believe everyone who uses EC have this issue.. lol! That's why I don't practise the U Drop I Follow policy. That thing attracts pure droppers and not readers. But I have to admit EC do bring a lot of traffic and in turn, becomes your readers sometimes..

    I like EC so far.. Like you, I have a post on that EC drop issue too sometime ago.. lol! :)

  16. To Cashmere - I found you through ec! I definitely think there's value there... if you look for it ;)

    I was reading that an excess in quick drops can hurt your ranking, and so on. Therefore, I don't really understand how the "U Drop I Follow" system can be good for anyone.

    Thanks for the comment :)


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