Friday, March 13, 2009

American Idol T-Shirt Design

It's that time of year again - American Idol time!

This year a friend of mine decided to set up a T-Shirt shop completely dedicated to fan shirts for American Idol Season 8, Idology Tees. Last year I created a number of designs for David Cook fans - yes I'm a self confessed Cook fan - so this year my friend asked me if I could help him out with some new designs for the 2009 contestants.

After "COOK" took over my life for a chunk of last year, I hadn't planned on doing any designs this year. Last year I found myself rising before the sun to answer email enquiries with regards to the personalization offer we had running; which completely destroyed my sleeping habits!! But hey, I loved doing the COOK designs, so how could I say no to this request.

We've been working on the shop, and plan to grow the range as the show airs and as we have time to design - we have "day jobs" we can't quit!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you one of the designs that I created for the shop. Doing this one took me back to Uni where I had a completely open design brief!

If you're an Idol fan, please take the time to check out Idology Tees.

This friend of mine, who is going by the username "Idol Man" is also "blogging" about the show with a squidoo lens. I could be biased, but I like his point of view.


  1. There's a lot of Friday the 13th's in 2009. Interesting, because 13 is America's number, U.S. I mean.

  2. Hey, superb design Manz....Tell me what can i do to get this kewl T-Shirt ;)

  3. @ Shea - thanks buddy. I didn't even realize it was a the 13th on Friday! Now I understand why Aussie Foxtel was playing all of the Friday 13th movies all day ;)
    Did you watch the John Adams TV series?

    @ GDB - there's a link to the Idology Tees shop in the post :)

    @ Filmbook - That's a new phrase I've never come across before. Thanks for the comment.

  4. That the design is the boss because you are the boss, Manz...
    Nice work...

  5. Every Friday the 13th is a big deal here. We are a very superstitious people.
    I don't like most horror movies.


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