Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idology T-Shirts – the Unofficial Idol Fan T-Shirt Store!

I have been busy working with Idol Man (not his real name) over the last few weeks designing merchandise for Idology T-Shirtsthe Unofficial Idol Fan T-Shirt Store. I have created, along with Idol Man, well over fifty designs for T-Shirts, bags and flair. These are now available for purchase from the store, with more designs to become available in the coming weeks. So if you are an American Idol fanatic, you are going to want to get your hands on this stuff (even if I do say so myself). You won’t find a larger range of Idol fan gear anywhere on the internet – a bold statement to be sure, but one that (I think) is actually true!

Below are some designs that I helped put together:

Sarver Flavor
Grab some Sarver Flavor...Traditional Homemade Recipe...Product of Texas...Quality Guaranteed!

Allison: Rocker Girl
Allison - Rocker Girl..! Show your support with this grungy design.

Ryan: Host With The Most


If you’re an American Idol Fan, don’t forget to visit Idology T-Shirts.


  1. Not sure you're sincere with this comment... hard to see you in a Paula t-shirt :P

    We have thrown around a few ideas for some "judges" designs. One of which would have a Paula graphic of some description, with the words "Did someone spike my drink?" (or similar...)

    Thanks for the comment and support D.

  2. Manz, I like the "sun" bag. That design would look cool with any words... I wonder where else you could take a similar design with other content... I could see an evil dictator series, Stalin, Kim Jong Il, Chairman Mao...

    But, I have to confess something: I like American Idol.

  3. Thanks Bill. No shame in liking the show... Simon keeps it interesting in my mind. Last year was the first year Australia aired it 'semi-live'... when it airs in the US, it's midday here! We get to watch it 7hrs later.

    I too like the aesthetic of that design.

    Some would say I'm strange because while I love "organic" elements in design (creating textures to customize a font, approaching layout placement based on instinct, etc); I also have times where I'm a little crazy about geometry. I need everything to be perfect! The working files can become a mine field for anyone who doesn't understand my methods. Complex for a very simple looking result.

    I was "given" the job of creating the print artwork files for "Little Alex" and "Snake" because of this "accuracy obsession" of mine!

  4. simon shirt...

    no words black T & just two hairy hands rubbing the nipples. HA !

  5. One of my dreams is to weare a T-shirt, with "belldeblue" written on him, in the summer...! It is possible to pay for one through postal way at delivery? But i can't pay more than 17-20$ for him... Well?

  6. @ Deryke - Funny D!! Simon does have a nice set of boobs ;)
    I see your hand behind something like that... the concept lends itself to your art style. It's funny how our understanding of our capabilities drives the concepts we have.

    @ Bell - I suggest you check out - you can create your own shirt using the font options they have in their system. Costs you nothing to join, and you can choose from various t-shirts that range in price. If you do it, post a photo on your blog!!
    Hope that helps you.

  7. A Simon shirt would be cool, maybe with some smart comment on it

  8. Hi Shea - are you a Simon fan?
    He is the best part of the show... keeps the laughs coming.

    I have been writing down quotes as he makes comments... with an intent to do some designs. Not sure if we'll do any though. We have a "Simon says don't quit your day job". I really liked how he said "To be a star, you have to be conceted!". That got a good laugh from me :)

  9. Simon is entertaining.

    Let the blessings of Almighty God rest upon you and the grif fx team astoundingly and miraculously making all of your worries and concerns turn into the stuff that dreams are made of.

  10. Wow some are really nice, now i am to find out my Visa card so that i can buy it.


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