Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Am The Lizard King!

Camera Critters
"I Am The Lizard King!" is this week's "Camera Critters" post. If you want to participate, click on the image above.

So there he was. Basking in the sunlight, a typical garden skink, no more than twenty centimetres in length. I ran inside to get the camera and when I got back to the garden, he hadn’t moved. But I only had one chance to take a shot – as soon as the shutter stirred the little lizard scurried away into the bushes.

Jonesy, my oldest cat, sat nearby the whole time, watching me in bewilderment. It wasn’t until the skink moved after I took the photograph that Jonesy finally realised what was going on. He leapt into the garden and spent the next two hours fossicking for the lizard. He never caught it.

Later, I returned outside and found Jonesy asleep in the garden bed. He seemed exhausted. I keep telling him to let the ecology do its thing – that all little creatures have a purpose. But he just can’t help himself with those lizards.

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  1. Cool lizard, but it made me shudder. :)

    Love the cat though!

  2. Great shot of the lizard but I love the pics of Jonesy - the life of a cat!

    My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

  3. Hi, Thanks for stopping bye. My cats love to chase critters too. You should see Reba with a locust buzzing in her lips. It is hilarious. I love the close up of the skink. They are had to catch.

  4. That lizard is a little scary looking. Maybe I'm just a little scared of them. ;o)

  5. That lizard was major cool!!! Why don't I have lizards? I WANT lizards!!! *throwing temper tantrum* YOUR lizard is super, major awesome.

  6. Manz, that lizard is so cool. I love lizards. Don't own any...

    When I was a kid I had a skink from the pet store, and it was a ferocious predator of crickets. It spent most of it's time under the dried corn cob bed in the aquarium. But when the crickets were dropped into the tank it would emerge and eat a bunch of them in a rampage.

    Once my mother put my little brother's smaller pet lizard, an anole, which was a cute little green lizard that jumped really high and stuck to the ceiling of its tank, into the aquarium with my skink while she cleaned out the anole's tank. When she was finished and went to get the anole back all that was left of the anole was a skull and a rib cage...

  7. Awww Poor lil bugga!

  8. That is a good lizard, it waited till you got your camera.

  9. good exercise for Jonesy. you've caught the king!!

    thanks for the visit and comment. Have a great week!

  10. Yaay...poor cat,needs some training! :D Its ok i bet those lizards don't taste good, the bigger ones does :D

  11. Jonesy is no doubt dreaming of catching lizards. The lizard looks like he's made of bronze. Beautiful.
    Big smile ;-)

  12. They surely get their exercise chasing them for sure

  13. Hey Jonesy, you've got the right idea:) Cool photos of the skink!

  14. the lizard is so sleek and shiny!
    the cat looks like a sleeping giant ;)

  15. Ah, if you can't CATCH the lizard king, you can aleast DREAM of catching him!! Dream sweet dreams kitty cat:)

  16. that lizard i rather cool and freaky looking. he almost looks like a snake with his long body!

  17. Great shot of the lizard, it has the fattest back legs, and some pretty spots on its side.
    My cats also love to chase the lizards, they bring them in to me to play with too, I play with them right back out to the garden!

  18. Hi everyone... glad you all enjoyed the garden skink!

    @ Amy - the skink is one of the little critters around here that doesn't make me shudder... it's the spiders and snakes that get at me! Jonesy (the cat) is the coolest :)

    @ Carletta - Some days I wish I was a cat... do what I want when I want ;)

    @ Grammy - thanks... and that description sounds hilarious - I'd love to see that for myself!

    @ Tammy - the skink is really harmless... but it's true - we all have our fears.

    @ Misty - Thanks!! I wasn't sure what people would think of my skink cc post. Glad you like it.

    @ Bill - what a story!! Poor Andy... not the desired result you'd want from a house-cleaning session!! It would have made for a great photo. I like skeletons.

    @ Tricia - which one is the "Poor lil bugga"? Maybe both can claim that title ;)

    @ Indrani - true! I was actually amazed that he didn't disappear. I had one of those moments where I hesitated to get the camera thinking it would be pointless... but not this time ;)

    @ magiceye - thanks for the visit and comment.

    @ Vicky - thanks for dropping by. And yes, it is great exercise!! For a big cat he is very active still.

    @ ViennaDaily - ha, ha... I'm trying to tain him to love all critters - not catch them ;)

    @ Carolina - I think you're right. I should have placed a thought bubble above Jonesy and then placed the skink in that!

    @ i beati - he needs the exercise... as do all animals - humans included ;)

    @ Bruce - there's plenty of room here if you'd like to visit and have a go at catching one yourself :)

    @ Dianne - Jonesy IS a sleeping giant! One neighbour called him a monster once... describing his size, not his nature.

    @ Carla - that's for sure. I think in Jonesy's dreams he would catch one after the other ;)

    @ Tina - yeh, the skink is a reptile... I don't know much about them, but I do see your snake referrence. They don't freak me out like snakes though.

    @ Glennis - That's so funny! It does have fat legs!! However, it's not so funny when our cats bring them inside to play with... mine "try" to do that also.



  19. nice pictures. the picture of the sleeping cat is really cute. :)

  20. "I am the Lizard King. I can do anything..."


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