Thursday, April 9, 2009

The GritHouse Presents…

GritFX filmmaker and resident movie nut Will Thame (aka Wadrick Jones) has uploaded a new short film to The GritHouse – The GritFX YouTube Channel. Will’s new short animation, entitled “The Rookie – Part One” (Part Two will be complete in a week or two, according to Will), is basically an ode to (or a plagiarism of) every cop film ever made - only this time animated in Lego!

Watch it now at The GritHouse. For all of you lazy bastards who can’t be bothered visiting The GritHouse, here’s an embedded file.

Will has also updated The GritHouse to include playlists associated with Decoy Spoon’s music reviews and Wadrick’s film reviews. If you wish to check out any music videos of the artists Decoy reviews, or watch any trailers/scenes from films reviewed by Wadrick, The GritHouse is your baby.


  1. Brilliant!...

    Loved it, Will. That is some great stuff. Great action. Great comedy. Great voicing.

    Can't wait for the next installment...Go Rookie! Get that sucker!

    Bring it, Will...

  2. "Hey, that's my car." lol

    Like how he floated on down the road, too funny. You guys are pretty creative and talented to boot. Great stuff! When's part 2?

  3. Whoaa!!I must say that was too creative of you guys to ome up with something like "Go Rookie..."

    Like your other fans i am waiting for the Part 2 as well...I am sure you will inform us soon.

  4. Oh...not to forget...I liked this facelift of your blog making it look wide with that new banner.

    The overall look is a pleasant change.Wish you luck!!

  5. Very cool and a great blog. I will be back, loads of times.

  6. Hey that was good stuff! The time put into the editing really shows!

  7. Hello all...
    On behalf of my alter ego Will, I would like to thank you all for your kind comments...

    @Wayne - dude, that's classic - he does seem to float down the street...should have moved his gun hand...(oh well...)

    Part 2 will be along in the next two weeks...(I hope)...


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