Thursday, April 30, 2009

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (Redux)

Last week I tackled the Ashley Judd suggestion from GritFX girl Manz. This week, it’s a two-part Bacon-thon, with the first suggestion – Zac Efron - coming from Rosidah (check out her blog Music of my Life). I thought this was gonna be a tough one, but thanks to Zac’s appearance in 2007’s Hairspray, it proved not too difficult after all.

Zac Efron was in Hairspray with Michelle Pfeiffer; Ms Pfeiffer starred in The Witches Of Eastwick with Jack Nicholson; Jack had that memorable performance in A Few Good Men alongside the Baconmeister.

The second name to link to Bacon via six degrees came from Russ (check out his excellent photography at Russ’ Photo Blog), who made the seemingly unrelated suggestion of eccentric physicist Richard Feynman. It turned out (to my surprise) that Feynman had actually appeared in a 1980 film called Anti-Clock. And so, from there, the game was on.

Richard Feynman was in Anti-Clock with a guy named Sebastian Saville; Saville appeared in one other film before this, Libel with Wilfred Hyde-White; Wilfred Hyde-White was in The Toy with Richard Pryor; Richard Pryor appeared in Lost Highway with Balthazar Getty; Balthazar was a cast member of Where The Day Takes You with Sean Astin; Sean Astin was in White Water Summer with the Bacon.

And that’s exactly six degrees. Thanks for that one Russ – a nice challenge.

Of course, if anyone can link these suggestions in fewer moves, let me know. Suggestions for future Six Degrees posts here on the GritBLOG are also most welcome.

by Wadrick Jones

Check out Kevin Bacon's charity website based on the "six degrees" concept at:

Next Week: Jason Mewes


  1. That's awesome detective work there!

  2. Wow, you have done a wonderful job here! That's very impressive, Wadrick. Thank you for linking to Music of My Life in this post. I really appreciate it. I'm curious about the next challenge. Have a great week :)

  3. Hey guys...glad I could actually complete the tasks (especially yours, Russ - what an eclectic dude Feynman was!).


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