Saturday, July 18, 2009

Portrait of a Lady

Camera Critters
"Portrait of a Lady" is this week's "Camera Critters" post. If you want to participate, click on the image above.

We all have plans for the future and one of mine is to create a galley of portraits of all the cats I've loved and adored. With that in mind, I take any opportunity my cats present me with, waiting for the right moment to capture the perfect "portrait" - which, let's face it, can take a while with cats that constantly roll and yawn!

This week Ella decided she'd pose for me - giving me the opportunity to snap a handful of shots, the following two included. My dilemma now is to pick one of these two to be framed - something that's proving to be a hard task!

What are your thoughts? Can you decide which "Portrait of a Lady" you'd enlarge and frame as part of a gallery of kitty portraits?

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  1. Hi Ella
    You are a BEAUTY :)
    Lovely shots,
    you are a sweetie !!!
    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Ella is lovely. Next to impossible to get our fur babies to pose - unless they are sleeping! :D :D

  3. You're right - not easy to get this kind of shot. My are all head shots. :)
    It's hard to decide which one - two moods here.
    I like the second 'sweet look' one!
    Good shots!

    My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

  4. A lady indeed, she looks very regal. Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Ella is such a cutie and I like both the poses..

    My favourite would be that second one ...she's holding her face at a slight angle, which is appealing..

    Excellent job at getting her to sit still and pose for you ..great captures !!

  6. I do like both for different reasons, but I'd go with the first for that really aloof look. Majestic pose.

  7. Gorgeous cat! I would frame the first one too.

  8. so unusual the shading and beauty sandy

  9. Great shots of a beautiful cat! She posed so nicely for you. I, too, would have a hard time deciding between the two shots.

  10. Hi, Manz. I rather like the angle in the second shot. She's a beauty--I wish I could get my cat to pose that way for me!

  11. what a beautiful cat with a black curly hairs. minie

  12. Hey Manz,
    I think I like the second one the best...she's so adorable!

  13. Both shots are great. :) Such a regal pose.

  14. Long time full of silence... Long days full of pain and tears! :'( Hi, Manz!... I've missed you, my sweet and dear sister! How is Australia? How are you??? :'( I have no words... I've lost them... I just hope that i didn't lost you! I hope you remember your friend Bell aka belldeblue... :'(:'(:'( Please, please send me an e-mail! You know... belldeblue at gmail. I hope that your life is better now and easier...! Oh! Every time when my thoughts are flying to Australia i remember about you!... I have a friend from New Zealand, now and she is great and extraordinary like you! So, i jumped to the sweet conclusion, that all the people from that area, Australia - New Zealand are the greatest in entire world! You see? My english is worser than before... Sorry! Please send me e-mail... Please!

  15. she definently has model potential ;) im leaning towards the 1st one more like shes looking into the distance

  16. Hi,i like cat.My mom has 10 cats at home.


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