Monday, May 11, 2009

Idology T-Shirts

OK, so as well as everything else I seem to do lately, I am now a partner in Idology T-Shirts – the American Idol Fan T-Shirt Shop. Due to a recent arrangement with the producers and those who hold the rights to the Idol franchise, Cafepress – the print-on-demand supplier for Idology T-Shirts – can now freely market all Idol-related fan gear. As a result, Idology T-Shirts designs were featured exclusively this week on the Official American Idol website. Idol Man (not his real name) and myself were totally over-the-moon at the sight of this excellent free advertising.

So to all you American Idol fans out there – make sure you visit Idology T-Shirts, now offering a range of other cool merchandise for all of this season’s contestants.

Here are some new design releases I happened to be involved with.

Click on the following links to view all apparel items for that design:
Cougars for Kris
Gokey: Heaven Sent
Allison Rocks
Lambert: 21st Century King

by Manz


  1. Wow, what a great accomplishment! Congrats to you :). Cool designs. Have a nice week.

  2. That's fantastic Manz! Congrats!


  3. Being in the t-shirt biz. myself for many years, i must say you have some eye-catching designs, great job:)

  4. Cool... Congrats to you guys! I like Allison's the best.. All the best to your sales! :)

  5. Thanks everyone... it was a proud moment :)


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