Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sibling Love...

Camera Critters
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I've been a little quiet on the blogosphere, which is partly due to my poor boy being sick...

Jonesy, being the BIG boy that he is, will defend his and Ella's territory (along with tiny Ella herself) with vigour when it comes to nasty strays! Don't get me wrong... I know you can find a great companion in a stray/rescued cat - both Jonesy & Ella are rescued cats - but there are the occasional strays that have gone too long alone in the wild and are just outright feral!

We have one hanging around here right now. While defending the territory a little over a week ago, Jonesy had a massive fight - letting out screeches that woke me from my sleep. The next day he didn't seem himself and by that afternoon was groaning when touched. Straight to the vet we went, where we discovered that he was in fact very sick with a terrible infection!

Anyone who has nursed a sick animal would know that "medicine time" can be just as distressing to the owner as it is to the pet. But Jonesy did great with his course of antibiotics - he's an old hat at taking pills now... poor guy's been through a lot in his life!

Getting to this weeks' camera critter pictures...
With that all behind us - Jonesy is doing great! - I thought I'd honour this "sibling love" with a series of photos of Jonesy with his baby sister Ella. These were taken on a nice spring day when the birds where flying in and out of that tree they lie in front of ;)

P.S. I wish it was spring again... as we enter into winter it's getting colder and colder! At least I might have a chance to get some shots of the kids in front of a winter fire to share with you all. ;)

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  1. What adorable cats. I have an Ella also... but she is a b&w border collie ;)

  2. What a brave boy to defend his sister!! Glad to hear he's on the mend. They are both adorable, I love black cats.

    Mine is up over at my pet blog.

  3. they are such beauties both Sandy

  4. What handsome siblings they are!

  5. I'm so glad that Jonesy is now doing well. I was wondering where you had got to as I missed seeing your posts.

    That's two lovely kids you have there.

    I really like that first shot with them both looking skywards and tht last shot is really special ...looks like Ella is trying to coax her big brother to play..

  6. What lovely friends they are! :o)

  7. Wow, so sweet, but I just sometimes have a fear from black colored, have no idea why!

  8. Two beautiful kitties and how wonderful to protect his little sister! Hope he made a complete recovery. Love black cats! I miss my Magic -- he was 21 when he passed away -- many years ago.

  9. Wow! Jonesy is a big boy. Whoever the other cat prowling the neighborhood is better take heed with this boy.
    Ella is just as cute as can be. As is Jonesy.

  10. Sounds like you've been through quite an ordeal and I am happy that Jonesy is feeling better
    Your photos of him and Ella are very sweet.

  11. Great Black Cat! Lucky me, I love cat too :)

  12. I'm glad Jonesey is better! I love the last shot, such a tender moment

  13. I'm glad to hear that Jonesy is feeling better :-)
    He is just HUGE compared to his little sister. Such sweet photos. They are adorable.

  14. My cats annoy each other, so each and every night, we hear a fight or two that just turn blood curdling. One is a princess, and the other is the pea.

    Hope your kitty gets better soon!

    They look so adorable!

  15. my cat Kelso missed me so bad when I at first went away on the job that he went on a 3 week walk about, he was looking for me,

  16. I'm glad to read that Jonesy feels better now. Wonderful sibling love! They actually look like twins to me :)


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