Friday, January 16, 2009

GritFX have been featured on Elite Shirt Design

I'm pleased to share the news that GritFX have been featured on the Elite Shirt Design blog. The GritFX team were very entertained by the review, which includes the humorous use of "Aussie talk". We were also "stoked" about what the review contained - check it out, there are also some questions that Dave answered on behalf of the team.

Click to go to the review/interview.

What is Elite Shirt Design?
To quote the creator, Shawn (aka Fuzzy), "Elite Shirt Design is a community for Print on Demand (POD) Designers. A place for all POD types (Spreadshirt, Cafepress, Zazzle, RedBubble, etc.) guys and gals to get together and shoot the proverbial ka-ka."

If you are a POD designer, I suggest you take a look.


  1. thats a fun interview !

    funny aussies ...

  2. good good. Your spreading your roots out into a lot of websites now.

    Question? Do you guys know how to make screenprints? Cause you could make some handmade shirts, and that would be awesome.

  3. I know that this is VERY late in the day to reply... oh well, it's never too late I say!!

    Deryke - glad we amuse you ;)

    Bill - we're studying the art of being a virus! Hoping 2009 is the year that GritFX becomes contagious :)

    Our dream is to have control of the production/printing of the shirts we design... however, no, we currently don't know how to make our own screenprints.

    I had a go at it at Uni, and remember it being very difficult to get right!

    I can see us using an expert screen printing company one day, and in that picture is me in the factory loving my 'ink stained hands'! Now that would be awesome!!


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