Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's that time again for another collection of images.

Yesterday was Australia Day and I made the most of my day off, spending quite a chunk of it outside.

In doing so, I decided that the next collection should celebrate my natural environment. This collection, titled "Organics", are images that have been taken at various times while I was on holidays in NSW, Australia. (I can't take credit for all of these images, as I suspect that Dave took a few of them - but hey, I taught him everything he knows!)

Click on the images to load larger versions...

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  1. i like pretty things.

    hese are nice.

  2. Really D? You like pretty things? I never would have guessed that from the sculpture post that you put on your blog recently ;)

    If anyone else is reading this, and is intertested in "FINISH FETISH style" work, go check it out @ http://deryke.blogspot.com/

  3. my interpretation of the FINISH FETISH style.

    tastes are subjective.

  4. Thanks for dropping by and clarifying that D... you weirdo :)

  5. i think i have a broader scope of beauty than you.

    ouch .... ;)

  6. Manz, do you know - Caspar David Friedrich?

    He was a Romantic German Landscape painter, and you may like his paintings :)

  7. Deryke - I hope that slap I gave you over at your site still stings!

    Bill - No, I did not know of Caspar David Friedrich. However, following your lead, I just did a google search and his work does appeal to me.

    It would seem you are getting to know my tastes ;)

  8. beautiful,
    have you seen vicky christina barcelona?

  9. Lovely nature... It's a shame that a lot of us are wasting her beauty! The sun, the sky, the plants, the raindrops... I wonder how anyone could not feel the urge to preserve this? Best wishes.


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