Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tat2ts Interview - Dave answers questions about GritFX and T-Shirt Design...

I invite all GritBLOG readers to check out what Dave had to say on Vic's (aka Tat2 T's) blogspot.

Vic has been nothing but supportive of GritFX. He is always willing to share his views on what's happening in the industry and will often email me with information he thinks will be useful to us. Please show the great man some love and visit the blog today.

Above: Dave wearing his "Crazy Swedes" t-shirt.


  1. I know it sounds egomanical, but I'd love to have a bunch of different pics of me with different sayings on it and people everywhere wearing them, LOL
    Was a good interview, remember me when you guys are rich/famous/powerful

  2. visited + commented. It was interesting to hear about how GritFx formed.

  3. Hi Shea + Bill.
    Thank you for taking the time to check out the interview!! That also goes to all readers who visited Tat2ts blog... I know there were a few of you :)

    Shea - egomanical? Never! Is that even a word - just a Shea word? I noticed your daughter has a following on YouTube... maybe she is a better subject for such an idea (not that you would be a bad subject). It could be something that the two of you work on together :)

    Bill - you are the best!! So thoughtful of you to comment on the shirt you bought from us.

  4. that's a good idea. thanks.
    gritfx in one of my favorite blogs



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